Creating and Deriving Rates in Vertical Booking

Creating and Deriving Rates in Vertical Booking

Creating Rates

Navigate to Avail and Rates > Products – Rates > Products (Rate Types) > Click Add a new product:

Insert information to build the rate and click Add, then back to rate types:

If the rate should be displayed as a special offer or package, indicate this and fill in the Operative Parameters:

Finally assign policies, or save withthe default policies:

Deriving Pricing

Click on the D next to the Rate to derive:

Reference Product: Choose the parent/base rate

Absolute Value Derivation 

Increase/decrease by flat dollar amount based on occupancy

Percentage Derivation

Add or subtract a percentage from the parent/base rate

Combined Rate Derivation

Modify prices both by a discount and percentage for each pricing level in the system.

With this functionality, a property can set multiple derivation levels for each occupancy level

Always save your changes!

Adjusting Previously Derived Rates

The derivation on previously derived rates can be adjusted by clicking on the green D next to the rate:

Simply adjust the derivation and click save to apply the change.

Important Notes

*The system allows for up to 5 levels of derivation

**Cloning Rates makes the rate save most of the settings from the parent rate and can help save time

Please reach out to the support team with any questions

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