Deriving Rates by Currency Exchange

Deriving Rates by Currency Exchange

Deriving Rates by Currency Exchange

Vertical Booking CRS now allows a hotel with multiple currencies enabled to derive an additional currency product to be derived off a default currency product utilizing automatic currency exchange. Please contact the support team to have this feature enabled for your property.

Avail and Rates > Products - Rates > Products (Rate Types) 

Once enabled, navigate to Products (Rate Types) 

When rates have been built in multiple currencies, the system will allow additional currencies to be derived off of the default currency of the property. In the below example, the property is set up with USD as the default currency, and MXN Pesos as an additional currency.

A new option appears in the pricing options next to the product of an additional currency:

Click to derive by currency exchange.

The following screen will appear:

Select the rate plan that the additional currency rate should be derived from:

Then click Save to set the rule.

Additional currency can only be used to send pricing to some of the channel manager connections. Please review this document for additional information and contact the support team with any questions or concerns.

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