Child Prices Formula - Rate Grids

Child Prices Formula - Rate Grids

***This feature must be activated by the Vertical Booking Support team, please contact support if you would like this functionality enabled for your property.

Child Prices Formula allows a property to set a child rate as a percentage of an adult rate. To set this up, begin by navigating to Avail and Rates > Products - Rates > Rates (by Grid)

Next, select the grid to modify the pricing for my clicking the edit button on the right-hand side of the screen.

*If you do not have the required grid created, you can build a new grid. Keep in mind that the child price formula can not be added until the initial adult pricing is saved.

After selecting the grid to modify utilizing the edit button, the screen following will appear with the current rates displayed. To edit the Child prices formula, simply click on the arrow to expand the option inside of the rate grid:

Insert which adult pricing should be referred to for the child prices.

Insert the percentage of that adult rate that should be charged for each child age bracket:

The system allows you to decide to round that percentage with the following options:

Choose which room types to apply this change to, and then click :

The child pricing will change for the selected room types:

Although the pricing has changed, the system will not apply the final change to the grid until the modify button is selected at the bottom of the screen:

Please contact the support team with any questions.

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