Vertical Booking Presents Dive Into Discounts

Vertical Booking Presents Dive Into Discounts

A PDF of the presentation can be found in the attachments.
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    • Discount Codes

      Create discounts that allow access by utilizing a special code on the booking engine or in the CRO. The discount code is created by clicking here: this screen opens: Code: An alphanumeric code is inserted to access the discount on the booking page ...
    • Commercial discounts

      Commercial discounts display strike-through pricing during the reservation process. Create a commercial discount by selecting: The following screen will return: Name: The name of the discount. Show explanation in the reservation page: Yes/No ...
    • Family discounts

      Create rules for calculating children's prices in this section. Set pricing for children’s age ranges in cases where derivation and/or setting pricing does not fulfill the requirements necessary. To proceed with the creation, click here: A page ...
    • Early booking

      Create one or more discounts visible on the booking engine without a code. The discount appears with the full price crossed out and the discounted price in red. Start by clicking on this screen opens: Name: Name of the discount. Show explanation in ...